17 December 2012

New e-Resource - International Studies Online

After a successful trial, we now have permanent access to the International Studies Online database, the online version of the 12-volume International Studies Encyclopedia.

It is is the 'first major reference work of this scale' in international studies and international relations.

It includes over 400 specially-commissioned, peer reviewed essays of up to 10,000 words, written and edited by an international team of academics.

It also offers live links to archives, datasets, cases, teaching aids, etc., and is updated twice annually.
Different sections include:

  • Diplomatic Studies
  • Ethnicity, Nationalism and Migration
  • Feminist Theory and Gender Studies
  • Foreign Policy Analysis
  • Global Development Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Intelligence Studies
  • International Communication
  • International Ethics
  • International Organization
  • International Political Economy
  • International Security Studies
  • Peace Studies
  • Post-Communist States in IR
NB: International Studies Online also includes a live discussion forum

13 December 2012

Please take the AV Citation survey - your help would be appreciated

Can you help? - the British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) is running a short survey and would like our help.  They've had impressive survey responses from St Andrews users, in the past.

Their AV Citation project is looking at compiling authoritative and accessible guidelines for citing moving image and sound materials:

film, television and radio programmes, DVD extras including interviews and commentaries, clips, trailers, adverts, idents, stings, non-broadcast material, amateur footage, archival material (catalogued and not catalogued), podcasts, vodcasts and DVD study materials

This has relevance to a wide range of different users - academics, researchers, students, media and Library staff, journal editors, etc.

To ensure that they get this right, the BUFVC would like to know about your experiences with citing audiovisual resources and what you would like these guidelines to cover.

Please complete the short survey by 14 January 2013 - and be in with a chance of winning a £50 Amazon gift voucher!

Thank you for your support!

10 December 2012

Away from St Andrews? Want access to e-resources?

Remember - when you're away from St Andrews, you can access most Library e-resources using your University Account Username and Password (the same as for University e-mail). 

See this earlier blog post for more details: 


Please note:

Bob (Box of Broadcasts) National, our online TV and radio streaming service subscription, operates under a licence specific to the UK:

'You may only access or use BoB in the territory of the United Kingdom. If you are in another country, the licence and associated exceptions in law do not apply and you cannot use BoB, even if you are an authorised user in the UK' 

This is one of the Conditions of Use stated in the Terms and Conditions that you agree to, when you first register to use BoB.

However ... as soon as you're back in the UK, BoB will be at your service again!

7 December 2012

Oxford Scholarship Online - mobile access now available

Oxford Scholarship Online is now fully searchable by mobile!

Search and browse over 2,830 full-text Oxford University Press e-books in our OSO subscription, on the move.  Why not try it out?

We have access to the Classical Studies, Economics and Finance, Philosophy, Political Science and Religion modules. 

An interesting innovation also means that if you scan the QR Code which appears on every PDF chapter downloaded from OSO, you'll be taken straight back into the full OSO site.

Example of QR Code from OSO chapter
All Oxford Scholarship Online e-book titles are listed individually in SAULCAT.

NB: Off-campus access
: use University Computer Account Username and Password (Shibbolised access)

6 December 2012

SEEKER Snippet 15: new JSTOR databases now searchable

New databases are constantly being added to SEEKER, to allow you to search across even more content, with one search.
New additions include:

  • JSTOR 19th Century British Pamphlets
  • JSTOR Arts & Sciences X
  • JSTOR Arts & Sciences XI
The JSTOR (Journal STORage) database archives over 2,550 digitised e-journals in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, from volume 1 onward.
features broad coverage in the Business & Social Sciences, Sociology, Education, Public Policy & Administration, and the History of Science, Technology & Medicine, as well as Transportation and Development Studies
expands coverage in Language & Literature, History, Art & Art History, Classical Studies, Architecture & Architectural History, and Music 
  • 19th Century British Pamphlets 
more than 20,000 significant digitised pamphlets from the 19th Century held in UK research libraries; provides a corpus of primary sources covering the socio-political and economic landscape of 19th Century Britain 

NB: the results of any SEEKER search will now include material from these databases and provide links into the full-text, where we have access

3 December 2012

Twitter and Facebook - used to highlight e-resource issues

A reminder that the Library uses various types of social media to communicate with you.

As well as producing several blogs - we use Facebook and Twitter to give you short snippets of information.  This information is often too short to warrant a blog post - for example, if there are temporary access issues with a database.

= problem
So, keep up-to-date with new developments and any issues affecting the Library's e-resources, by checking:
Both are updated several times a week, so please check back regularly.

As well as highlighting any database changes or issues, Twitter and Facebook also publicise many other aspects of the Library service - database trials, new services and innovations, opening hours, Rare Books, Library blogs, surveys, lectures and events, etc.

You'll find the Twitter and Facebook links near the foot of the Library Home page.  Feel free to follow us.