30 January 2013

Be Alert to new research - use ‘Zetoc Alerts’

Want to keep up to date with new research and see what's being published, as it happens?  

Have you discovered Zetoc Alerts yet?

Zetoc is an important search and current awareness service for newly published international research.

It provides details of the contents of over 28,000 current journals and 16,000 conference proceedings, back to 1993, through the British Library's Electronic Table of Contents service.

You can register and setup personalised Zetoc Alerts or RSS feeds to track the latest articles or journal titles related to your interests. 

You will then be e-mailed the tables of contents of particular journals, and also details of when articles are published in your subject area.

Over 2,081,058 Zetoc Alerts were sent out to individual researchers, in 2012

Find out more about Zetoc Alerts at: http://zetoc.mimas.ac.uk/alertguide.html

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