28 February 2013

Manuscripts Online - launched today!

Manuscripts Online is a free database - launched today - and funded by Jisc.

Using it, you can search a wide range of online primary sources relating to written and early printed culture in Britain, during the period 1000-1500.

Contents include literary manuscripts, historical documents and early printed books on websites owned by libraries, archives, universities and publishers. These provide a wealth of data central to the study of English language, literature and history during the middle ages.

Contribute to a new cultural picture of medieval Britain by using the crowd sourcing feature, where you can add comments about the manuscripts you view, to an online map.

  • Middle English Grammar Project – the Middle English Grammar Corpus (MEG-C); Middle English texts transcribed from manuscript or facsimile reproduction
  • Late Medieval English Scribes – catalogue of all scribal hands in the manuscripts of the English writings of five major Middle English authors
  • The Taxatio - detailed records of the assessment of English and Welsh ecclesiastical wealth undertaken in 1291-1292
  • The National Archives - descriptive catalogues for all documents dating between 1000-1500 from collections such as the State Papers, records of the Admiralty, Chancery and Exchequer, the Court of the King’s Bench and Petitions and Seals
Visit Manuscripts Online for a full list of the resources.

NB: Manuscripts Online partners the Jisc-funded Connected Histories website which provides a similar search service for the period 1500-1900.

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