19 February 2013

Over 6,500 digitised musem objects freely available

© UCL. Released under
  CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license
Over 6,500 newly digitised museum objects from museum collections are now freely available, from University College London and the University of Reading.

All are free to view, download and use with a Creative Commons licence. 

Examples of images on Flickr 

Objects include rare Ancient Egyptian artefacts brought to life in 21st Century 3D; digital images of zoological specimens in glass jars; strange and beautiful anatomical prints; 16th Century portraits, and intriguing 19th Century scientific gadgets, covering a range of disciplines from sciences to the arts.

View the digitised objects via the Culture Grid, the UK gateway to heritage resources.

Open Educational Resources (OER) such as videos and worksheets, are also available to support and enhance object-based teaching and learning. 

These can be accessed through JORUM, the online educational resource sharing website (using the search term OBL4HE).

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