18 February 2013

"A Shower of fish..." - The Statistical Accounts of Scotland 1791-1845

"On 13th June of that year, there fell near Castlehill, a shower of fish, consisting chiefly of herring-fry" 

 "The people of Airdrie seem to have a peculiar foible of keeping a great number of useless dogs..."

"WILLIAM HUNTER was cured in 1758 of an inveterate rheumatism by drinking freely of new ale full of barm"

Just some fascinating snippets from The Statistical Accounts of Scotland Online - among the best contemporary reports of Scottish life from the 18th and 19th centuries.

The Accounts were based largely on information supplied by Church ministers in the 938 Scottish parishes, and they provide a fascinating record of a wide range of topics: 

wealth, class and poverty; climate, agriculture, fishing and wildlife; population, schools, and the moral health of the people. 

The reports have been scanned and transcribed, and the online service includes:
  • scanned images for browsing
  • PDF download for parish reports
  • parish links to the Gazetteer for Scotland ... etc
Use this resource to study the emergence of the modern British State and the economic and social impact of the agricultural and industrial revolutions in Europe.

Quick Reference Guide

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