27 March 2013

New Guidelines for Citing Audio-Visual Material

Ever wondered how to cite a television programme? Or what about a clip from a DVD?

Do you know how to cite the following material correctly?:

 film; television programmes; radio programmes; audio recordings; DVD extras; clips; trailers; adverts; idents; non-broadcast, amateur and archive material; podcasts; vodcasts; games

Perhaps you need to advise others about how to reference moving image and sound correctly?
Wonder no more - the British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) has just launched a pioneering set of guidelines to help answer all these questions, and more.

Despite the enormous increase in the use of a/v material in education, previous guidelines for referencing were inadequate, as they were based on standards for written material.

The new guidelines encourage best practice in citing any kind of audio-visual material, and apply to a wide range of different users across all disciplines.

"It is crucial for students, researcher and academics alike to be able to cite these sources clearly and ensure references can be traced back unambiguously"

Download a free interactive guide from the BUFVC website

The BUFVC welcomes comments and feedback via email, or tweet @bufvc

26 March 2013

Trial e-Resources - Oxford Bibliographies - Renaissance & Reformation and Medieval Studies

We currently have free trial access to Oxford Bibliographies Renaissance and Reformation and Oxford Bibliographies Medieval Studies, until 30th April 2013. 

Oxford Bibliographies are authoritative research guides developed by scholars and librarians worldwide.

They combine the best features of a research-level encyclopedia and a traditional bibliography, and are designed to guide researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects.

Specially-commissioned expert recommendations provide narrative guides, supportive text and annotations. 

Medieval Studies explores European and Mediterranean civilization from the 4th-15th Centuries; the Renaissance and Reformation spans roughly from the 14th-17th Centuries. Both periods are rich in history and are of critical importance to the understanding of Western culture. 

Take a quick guided tour and watch students and faculty discuss how they use Oxford Bibliographies for research and teaching.

NB: We have already purchased perpetual access to Oxford Bibliographies Classics and Oxford Bibliographies Philosophy

25 March 2013

Trial e-Resource - ARTstor (1.5 million images and much more ...)

Botticelli:Primavera ©SCALA, Florence/
Our trial access to the ARTstor Digital Library has begun and will run until 24 April 2013.

This database contains over 1.5 million digital images in the arts, architecture, humanities, and sciences, from international museum collections, photographers, libraries, scholars, photo archives, and artists and artists' estates. (List of Collections)

ARTstor is relevant for teaching and research in a wide range of subject areas, including anthropology, art, architecture, classics, history, literature, music, religion, literature, medieval and Renaissance Studies, photography, etc. (ARTstor Subject Guides)

Register with your University e-mail address and self-chosen password in the 'Welcome to ARTstor' box (upper right of the Digital Library), to gain access to:
  • browse images by collection, classification, or geography
  • zoom in on and pan images
  • organise images into groups, add notes, save and share with others
  • upload and manage personal images and sound files in ARTstor 
  • present ARTstor images alongside your personal images, both online and offline (learn more)
  • add and share personal, institutional, and contributed collections (learn more)
  • integrate ARTstor content with Blackboard, WebCT, or Moodle  (learn more)
  • download images to PowerPoint and ARTstor's Offline Image Viewer (OIV) 
  • export citations for images or image groups into RefWorks, ProCite, etc
Teaching staff at St Andrews should get in touch for an account with full Instructor privileges

How to use ARTstor (videos)
ARTstor Mobile

Feedback would be appreciated, please.

21 March 2013

Trial e-Resource - Romanticism, Life, Literature and Landscape

We currently have free trial access to the Romanticism, Life, Literature and Landscape database, until 20 April 2013.

This rich resource presents the Wordsworth Trust's manuscript collections, digitised in colour.  These rare literary primary sources are indispensible for research on William Wordsworth and the Romantic period.

Included are the working notebooks, verse manuscripts, diaries, travel journals, guide books, autograph albums, maps and the personal correspondence of Wordsworth and other Romantic poets and writers, including Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey and Robert Southey. 

Romanticism, Life, Literature and Landscape offers an insight into Wordsworth's working methods and into the wider social, political and natural environment that shaped much of his work, and that of other key literary and political figures of the 18th and 19th Centuries.

Also included are over 2,500 images from the Trust’s fine art collection which bring to life the landscape that inspired literary creativity and poetic genius.

* image © The Wordsworth Trust/Adam Matthew Digital Ltd

20 March 2013

Trial e-Resource - Moving Pictures, Optical Entertainments and the Advent of Cinema

© Bill Douglas Centre
Univ of Exeter
We currently have free trial access to Moving Pictures, Optical Entertainments and the Advent of Cinema, until 20 April 2013. 

This database will appeal to everyone interested in the history and study of leisure and entertainment, film and popular media.  

It explores the pivotal era in Victorian and Edwardian entertainment history when previously static images came to life and moved for the first time.  It covers many topics, including:
  • early optical entertainment such as magic lantern shows, peepshows, optical illusions, metamorphic images, image projection, toys and techniques, etc
  • a virtual exhibition of Optical Delights  
  • panoramas and dioramas, with programmes, souvenirs, toy panoramas and protean views
  • early photography
  • early motion pictures, the emerging film industry and early film stars
  • video clips of original footage between 1894-1926, from the BFI National Archive
Source material comes from the Bill Douglas Centre; a unique treasure trove of pre- and early-cinematic memorabilia based at Exeter University, and the BFI National Archive.

Moving Pictures, Optical Entertainments and the Advent of Cinema forms part of the Victorian Popular Culture portal which facilitates comparative research on the rich variety of popular entertainment in America, Britain and Europe, between 1779-1930.

14 March 2013

Nexis UK - scheduled downtime plus 35,000 full-text sources

The Nexis UK database will be undergoing essential maintenance work on Saturday 16 March 2013.

Please be aware that access may be affected between the hours of 5.00 am - 5.00 pm on that date.

Nexis UK is a business intelligence database, giving you access to over 35,000 full-text sources.

These include regional, national and international newspapers, newswires, market research, country reports, corporate profiles, government documents, transcripts of television broadcasts, magazines, trade journals, etc.  It also includes legislation and case law for the UK & Europe.

UK Regional Papers on the Sources pull-down menu includes The Herald, The Scotsman, Scotland on Sunday, etc.
Major World Newspapers (English) on the Sources menu includes the Business Times (Singapore), Irish Times, Jerusalem Post, New York Times, Straits Times (Singapore), Washington Post, etc.

You can use Nexis UK to:
  • search for news, biographies, company reports, industry and market information 
  • find company, demographic, and country information 
  • browse a variety of newspaper archives as far back as 30 years 
  • receive daily news reports on topics of interest
  • stay up-to-date with News Alerts - create an Alert, and Nexis will send you updates each morning

7 March 2013

e-Book Trial - the Top Ten Titles ... so far

We're having great success with our innovative e-book trial - you decide which titles are bought and we make your wishes come true.

The top 10 best-used titles, up until now, are listed below:
Over 60 titles have been identified so far, so keep our genie happy by keeping the e-book accesses coming! 

And please take time to let us have some feedback about this trial - we'd really like to know what you think. 

Use the Comments link below to give us your thoughts, or the e-mail button to send this information to friends.

NB:  login to the e-books using your University account details both on- and off-campus

6 March 2013

Black and White and Read all Over - online newspapers

Read all about our updated list of online newspapers and news e-resources!

The Library subscribes to many online news resources, including the following:
In addition, The British Newspaper Archive offers full-text access to hundreds of historic UK regional newspapers, published between 1700-1940. 

Many of these titles are available to University staff and students in Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers.

The BNA is a partnership between the The British Library and brightsolid online publishing, to digitise up to 40 million newspaper pages from the BL's vast newspaper collection, over the next 10 years.

The archive is aimed at personal subscribers, with free searching, but fees for full-text access. There is no institutional subscription available, at present.

5 March 2013

Literature Online (LION) - new Authors added

The latest release of Literature Online (LION) is now live.

Literature Online consists of 25 databases containing more than 350,000 searchable works of English and American poetry, drama and prose from the 8th to the 21st Century, plus 366 full-text literature journals, key criticism and reference resources, essays, biographies, bibliographies, etc.

It also now contains over 5,000 specially-commissioned Author biographies, which give an authoritative overview of the author's life, work and critical reception. 

44 new or revised biographies have been added - including biographies for Jayne Cortez, Ralph Crane, Margaretta D’Arcy, Charles Dibdin, Emile Durkheim and Robert Gittings. 

21,000 Author records can be found in LION, usually containing: 
  • full-text of the author's works 
  • a comprehensive bibliography of primary works, or 
  • a list of full-text critical and reference materials relating to the author 


1 March 2013

Trial e-Resource - The Vogue Archive

Vogue Jan 2013
© Conde Nast
We currently have free trial access to The Vogue Archive, until 30 March 2013.

This is the complete archive of American Vogue, from the first issue in 1892, to the current month.

Every page and advertisement is fully searchable, allowing you to find images by clothing type, designer, brand names, etc - all reproduced in high-resolution colour (from the 1930's/1940's onward).

 As well as preserving the work of the world's greatest fashion designers, stylists and photographers, Vogue forms a unique record of changes in American and international fashion, culture and society, from the dawn of modern times to the present day.

Vogue Dec 1892
© Conde Nast
The content of Vogue is of central importance to research in:
  • Textiles and dress
  • Fashion history
  • Popular culture
  • Gender studies
  • Photography and graphic design
  • Marketing and advertising
but also provides a rich source for other areas of modern culture, changing social tastes, mores and aspirations.

It also includes literary works and articles by important writers, wartime photojournalism, features on popular cultural figures of the day, and on prominent American women.

More information