22 April 2013

New e-Resource - 600 Roundabout Films (1962-1974)

600 Technicolor films from the cinemagazine Roundabout (1962-1974) have been restored by the British Film Institute, and are now freely available for viewing. 

Roundabout was the monthly cinemagazine for South and Southeast Asia, produced by the Government’s Central Office of Information (COI).

It was designed to promote British values, manufacturing and the ethos of the Commonwealth to audiences that stretched from Pakistan through Burma to South Korea. Its 'magazine-style' treatment of topical stories enabled factual content to be delivered in a entertaining way.

The videos - many of official opening ceremonies and factory production lines - are all in sound and vibrant colour - a huge attraction for cinema audiences at the time.

Roundabout provides a snapshot of how the government wanted South and Southeast Asia to view Britain, at that time, and offers rare colour footage of the detail that builds an authentic picture of Britain and Asia in the 1960s and early 1970s.

The site includes an interesting short history: ‘Roundabout: National Projection with a Technicolor Gloss'.

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