25 April 2013

DawsonEra e-book platform - new and improved

If you're using an e-book on the DawsonEra platform, you'll notice that the appearance and functionality has recently changed. 

(We buy e-books from different e-book providers - and we add links to each e-book into SAULCAT, the Library's online catalogue. This allows you to find and access specific e-books, quickly. 

If you want to search all the e-books we buy from an individual e-book provider eg DawsonEra, MyiLibrary, EBL, etc - you can also do this through the e-book platform that each provider uses.) 

We subscribe to an increasing number of e-books through DawsonEra (currently over 2,000), and we continue to buy e-books from a range of other providers.

New features of the DawsonEra e-book platform include:
  • a simpler, more intuitive interface, with improved searching and viewing
  • My Bookshelf - add or remove favourite e-books by using the stars next to each title
  • Save searches - to keep a history of what you've used
  • My Account section - keeps details of saved e-books (for quick access); a list of your viewed e-books, your saved searches, any notes you've made, etc.
  • create Alerts - to receive e-mails about new content likely to be of interest to you
  • Social media - share details of books with others (they must have access entitlement, in order to view them)
    ... and lots more

Detailed User Guide for the new platform

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