17 April 2013

New e-Resource - Brill Journal Archive Online Part II

We now have access to the full-text journals in the Brill Journal Archive Online Part II.

Both Parts I and II have now been purchased by JISC Collections to support the teaching, learning and research needs of the UK Higher Education community.

The Brill Journal Archives consist of two parts:
  • Part I - access to over 50,000 articles from more than eighty journals, published by Brill before 2000
  • Part II - covers all 1,254 volumes of 175 journals, published between 2000-2009
The complete Archive offers access to over 100,000 articles in humanities, international law & human rights and biology journals, published by Brill, the international scholarly publisher, before 2010.

All these journals are listed in SAULCAT and on the E-Journals webpage, and are accessible on Brill's new e-journals and e-books platform.

 They are also included on the JISC Journal Archives platform, which forms part of the JISC eCollections service.

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