25 July 2013

New e-Resource - Education Literature Datasets

The Education Literature Datasets database is another new subscription taken out by the Library.

This is a collection of three bibliographic databases covering education and training journals:

British Education Index
1975 to date; produced by Leeds University; Provides information on research, policy and practice in education and training in the UK, with strong coverage of educational policy and administration, evaluation and assessment, technology and special educational needs

Australian Education Index
1977 to date; produced by the Australian Council for Educational Research. This is a collection of research documents relating to educational trends, policy, and practices in teaching, learning and educational management

ERIC (Education Resource Information Centre)
1966 to date; produced by the US Department of Education. Provides access to education-related articles, conferences, meetings, government documents, dissertations, reports, audiovisual media, bibliographies, books and monographs, etc.

Access via the links above
  • then click on the ‘searching: 13 databases’ link (top left of screen)
  • and you'll see each database listed
  • you can choose to search them simultaneously, if you wish
This database is updated monthly.

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