26 July 2013

New e-Resources - Oxford Bibliographies Online: Medieval Studies and Renaissance & Reformation

Two new perpetual-access modules of the important Oxford Bibliographies Online series have been purchased:   

Oxford Bibliographies Medieval Studies

Oxford Bibliographies are authoritative research guides developed by scholars and librarians worldwide.

They combine the best features of a research-level encyclopedia and a traditional bibliography, and are designed to guide researchers to the best available scholarship across a wide variety of subjects.
Specially-commissioned expert recommendations provide narrative guides, supportive text and annotations. 

Medieval Studies explores European and Mediterranean civilization from the 4th-15th Centuries; Renaissance and Reformation spans roughly from the 14th-17th Centuries. Both periods are rich in history and are of critical importance to the understanding of Western culture. 

Take a quick guided tour and watch students and faculty discuss how they use Oxford Bibliographies for research and teaching.

NB: We have already purchased perpetual access to Oxford Bibliographies Classics and Oxford Bibliographies Philosophy

Off-campus access: login via the Access Management Federation login (bottom left of screen), using your University Account details (Shibbolised access)

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