31 August 2013

New e-Resource - The International Encyclopedia of Ethics

We are delighted to announce a permanent-access purchase of The International Encyclopedia of Ethics database, the online equivalent of the recently-published 9-volume reference work.

Reviews of the Encyclopedia are uniformly excellent; it is regarded as authoritative, balanced, and outstanding in its scholarship and scope, and as the definitive source reference work on Ethics.

"The International Encyclopedia of Ethics is breathtaking in its ambition and scope  ...  Every major research institution in the world will need to acquire or have access to it, as philosophers and non-philosophers alike will turn to it again and again for illumination of the many ethical concepts and issues that are so important in our lives.  There is simply nothing else like it!"  
Larry S. Temkin, Rutgers University

"The International Encyclopedia of Ethics will be a major resource for anyone interested in becoming familiar with the best scholarship on just about any topic in ethics.  The editors have done a superb job, and the entries are of the highest quality.  Highly recommended."  
John Martin Fischer, University of California, Riverside
Over 700 detailed analytical entries, written by international experts, cover major philosophical, legal and religious traditions and provide clear definitions and explanations of all areas of ethics including the topics, movements, arguments, and key figures - Western and non-Western, historical and contemporary, religious and secular, metaethical and normative alike. 

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