27 August 2013

New e-Resource - Mass Observation III

Described as 'one of the great treasure troves of twentieth-century British history', Mass Observation Online covers the cultural and social history of Britain between 1937-1972. 

We now have permanent access to Update III, the latest addition. It supplements existing coverage of the war years and includes:

Diaries, Men and Women, 1946-1950 
these allow users to trace and compare individual accounts of everyday life and events in Britain in the first five years following the end of the Second World War. 

Directives, Men and Women, 1946-1947 
this complete set covers varied subjects such as political parties and policies, drinking habits, spiritualism, the cost of living, Britain’s place in the world, anti-Semitism, responses to the Nuremberg Trials, etc

Topic Collections 
30 new Collections from the war and post-war years are being added, more than doubling the previous Topic Collection digital holdings. These include:
  • Propaganda and Morale, 1939-1944 
  • Conscientious Objection and Pacifism, 1939-1944 
  • Press, 1938-42 
  • Police, Law and Invasion Preparations, 1939-1941 
  • Reconstruction, 1941-1942 
  • Coal Mining, 1938-1948 
  • Industry, 1940-1955 
  • Sexual Behaviour, 1939-1950; Health 1939-1947; Family Planning, 1944-1949; Live Entertainment, Sport and Holidays.
The new content allows in-depth research of the post-war austerity period, and the rise of consumerism and the welfare state.

NB: University staff and students have permanent access to all parts of this important resource

Off-campus access: login via the UK Federation link, using your University Username and Password

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