18 September 2013

New e-Resource - BiblioRossica (Russian, Jewish, Eastern European & Eurasian humanities e-books)

BiblioRossica is another important addition to the Library's large collection of online research databases.

It is a large, scholarly humanities e-book database, with an emphasis on modern Russian, Jewish, Eastern European, and Eurasian studies. 

Subjects covered include art, history, language and literature, linguistics, philosophy, science, sociology, etc.

Over 8,800 full-text e-books are available, including more than 1,500 titles from leading Russian academic presses such as NLO, Indrik, OGI, and Nestor-Istoriia

BiblioRossica also includes recent English publications in Russian, Slavic, and Jewish studies from Academic Studies Press and Central European University Press. 

New titles are continually being added, immediately after publication.

NB: the individual e-books in this series will be added to SAULCAT, the Library catalogue, shortly

NB: Off-campus access: this is currently being set up

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