4 September 2013

Trial e-Resource - Academic Video Online: Premium

Until 30 November 2013, we have trial access to the Academic Video Online: Premium database, from Alexander Street Press.

You can search across thousands of videos; or select a single video collection from the dropdown menu.
Contents include VAST: Academic Video Online (nearly 17,000 interdisciplinary videos), and individual collections covering history; art & architecture; business; counselling & therapy; dance; opera; theatre; musical performance; anthropology; health & rehabilitation; nursing; science; women’s studies; black studies; LGBT studies, etc.

You can create clips and playlists, share and post them online, view already-created clips and playlists, cite the videos in papers, and add them to websites.

Most videos have searchable, synchronised transcripts. As the videos play, the transcript scrolls, and what's being spoken is highlighted. 

We're very interested to know what you think of this resource - please use the Comments box to give us feedback 

NB: the Library already owns permanent access to Ethnographic Video Online, and subscribes to Opera in Video - both are included in this trial database

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