24 October 2013

New e-Resource - Annual Review of Economics 2009-2012

We now have permanent access to the Annual Review of Economics, between 2009-2012.

Each year, the Annual Reviews series offer collections of critical reviews of the most significant primary research literature published during that year.  They cover a wide range of disciplines, and are written by leading academics.

These critical reviews help researchers to keep up to date in their area of research, by providing guides to the most important contributions in their subject areas.

Each article provides links into the primary research literature referenced within it. 

The Annual Review of Economics covers significant developments in the field of economics, including: macroeconomics and money; microeconomics, including economic psychology; international economics; public finance; health economics; education; economic growth and technological change; economic development; social economics, including culture, institutions, social interaction, and networks; game theory, political economy, social choice, etc.

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