28 October 2013

Special Offer - 100 Palgrave Connect e-books FREE for 100 hours

100 Titles FREE for 100 Hours!

From now until 1.00 pm on 1 November 2013, you can access the first 100 Palgrave Pivot titles - free.  

Palgrave Macmillan's mid-form monograph format  - Palgrave Pivot - allows authors to publish at lengths between the journal article and the conventional monograph (typically 25K-50K words). Titles are published within 12 weeks of acceptance with a complete peer-review process.
Over 100 titles across the Humanities, the Social Sciences and Business have now been published. 

Titles are hosted on the Palgrave Connect platform and as individual e-books for personal use. The Library has over 2,400 e-books on the Palgrave Connect platform - all are listed individually in SAULCAT.

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