10 October 2013

Trial e-Resource - Gale Virtual Reference Library (nearly 600 reference e-books)

We've begun an interesting new trial of the Gale Virtual Reference Library e-book collection. This will give us free access to nearly 600 online reference titles for six months - until 31 March 2014.

GVRL offers reference e-books - encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, yearbooks, etc - across 18 subject areas, including Art, Biography, Business, Economics, Environment, History, Law, Medicine, Religion, Science, Technology, etc. 

After the trial ends, the usage statistics will be used to determine if any of the titles should be purchased, on a permanent access basis.

This is referred to as an 'evidence-based' trial since any later purchases will be made on the basis of 'evidence' (the amount of use made of the titles).

We trialled this type of user-driven purchase model very successfully, earlier this year, when over 400 e-books were purchased in our innovative e-book trial in which you decided which titles were bought.

NB: The individual e-books in this database will be added to SAULCAT, the Library catalogue, shortly

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