9 November 2013

SciFinder - recent enhancements

Recent enhancements to the SciFinder database include:
  • the new non-Java CAS Structure Editor (which allows you to draw structures for substance and reaction searches without requiring a Java plug-in), and includes:
               - Reaction arrow tool
               - Undo/Redo with complete cycle of undo/redo actions 
               - Chain tool 
               - Structure drawing preferences for fixed drawing length & angle
  • new content with approximately 23,000 new experimental NMR spectra
  • front page graphics for over 26,000 German patent records
  • a new Display Options layout for ease of use
  • an 'analyze by reagents' option for reaction answer sets 
SciFinder allows you access to the largest collection of substances, reactions, and patent and journal references compiled and updated daily by CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) scientists around the world.

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