4 December 2013

Google Scholar - now links into full-text held by the Library

If you're using Google Scholar, Google's search engine for scholarly material (more info), you will now see links into the full-text of your search results if they are subscribed to by the Library.

Once you have done a search, you will see a 'Find FullText @St Andrews' link displayed next to your search results if the Library has access to the item.   

Clicking on that link will route you through to the full-text.
You will need to set up your Google Scholar Preferences to include links to items available via this Library.  To do this:
  • go to http://scholar.google.com
  • Select Settings (top right of screen)
  • select Library Links (on left of next screen)
  • Search for 'University of St Andrews' in the 'Show Library access links ...' search box
  • Check the box next to 'University of St Andrews - Find FullText @St Andrews'
  • and Save to retain this setting
Once you have set this up, a 'Find FullText @St Andrews' link will appear next to items which are held by St Andrews, when you do a Google Scholar search. 

NB: Please remember that you have access to SEEKER which allows you to do a single search across most of the Library's resources - online databases and also SAULCAT, the Library catalogue

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