5 February 2014

Electronic Enlightenment - extension of trial

Back - again - by popular demand - our free trial access to Electronic Enlightenment has been extended for another short period, until 18 February 2014.

EE is a fascinating online collection of correspondence from the early modern world, which offers a unique and revealing glimpse into the lives, letters and minds of the time.

It includes 63,967 historical letters and documents from over 8,002 correspondents, representing 55 nationalities and 770 occupations from across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, during this period.
  • Explore the temporal, geographical and social connections across the 17th, 18th and early 19th centuries
  • Reconstruct one of the world's oldest social networks through these great historical 'conversations'
  • Listen to the ideas and concerns not only of major thinkers and scholars, politicians and diplomats, but also butchers and housewives, servants and shopkeepers
  • Find out their thoughts on everything from religious tolerance to animal rights, breadmaking to cures for kidney stones, vulcanology to classical archaeology, economic modelling to celebrity culture
  • Hear about their joys and sorrows, triumphs and despairs, loves and hates
NB:  we should have continued access to Electronic Enlightenment soon - update to follow!

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