19 February 2014

NEW - Research Starters now appearing in SEEKER

Have you noticed the new Research Starters in SEEKER?  They now show up first in your search results, if one exists for the topic you're searching for (see the Global Warming example below).

Research Starters are authoritative articles - generally around 3,000 words long - which provide summaries of popular subjects.  They are sourced from high-quality encyclopaedias and reference sources, and are designed to give you a broad overview of a topic, and sources for further research.

There are over 60,000 Research Starters, including 24,000 from Encyclopaedia Britannica, 8,000 from American National Biography, etc.  
SEEKER allows you to do a single search across most of the Library's e-resources - our many online databases (which provide you with e-journal articles, newspaper reports, e-books, books, book reviews, conference proceedings, theses, etc), and also SAULCAT, the Library catalogue

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