17 February 2014

Trial e-Resource - Anatomy.tv and Anatomy and Physiology Online

Our latest trial gives us access to the full range of Primal Pictures resources - Anatomy TV and Anatomy and Physiology Online - until the middle of March.

This interactive resource offers detailed 3D models of the Human Anatomy. 

This resource provides anatomical structures from raw medical scan data. Each anatomical structure is presented in fine detail, and includes surface anatomy, cutaneous distribution, nerves and arteries. Also included are common pathologies, radiological content, interactive quizzes and Multiple Choice questions.
Brief User Guide

Anatomy and Physiology Online
20 comprehensive modules on the human body, encompassing Primal's award-winning 3D anatomy images and interactive model; narrated animations and illustrations; dissection slides you can label; clinical case studies; the impact of aging on each body systems; quizzes, etc.

Please note: 
  • if not already enabled, you will need to allow pop-ups in your web browser to view all the slides, video clips, etc
  • some content may also require the Unity Web Player to be installed (prompted from within Anatomy TV)
Anatomy & Physiology Online includes 20 comprehensive modules on the human body encompassing Primal's award winning 3D anatomy and new integrated physiology conten - See more at: http://www.primalonlinelearning.com/#sthash.rXnc9NoB.dpuf

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