7 February 2014

Trial e-Resource - Britannica Academic Edition

Welcome to a 4-month trial of the Britannica Academic Edition and Britannica ImageQuest databases, both on- and off-campus - until 31 May 2014. 

Encyclopaedia Britannica is a trusted research resource which provides an excellent foundation for undergraduate study, in particular. Britannica articles are detailed and use thorough and well-referenced research. They encourage best practice in researching skills, while encouraging wider reading around a subject.

delivers clear and current articles, images, videos, e-books and journal articles – all clearly cited and referenced, providing research material for students and staff. 
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online image library containing over 3 million high quality, right cleared images from over 50 providers including National Geographic, Getty Images, Natural History Museum, National Portrait Gallery, etc.

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You can use these images in presentations, projects, websites, etc. 

Please Note: we are very interested in your comments about this database - please use the Comments box below this, to let us have your thoughts

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