7 March 2014

12 Current Database Trials - feedback appreciated, please

We currently have 12 free trials of new e-resources to offer you the chance to assess their value to current teaching and research, and to provide us with feedback

Your opinions are greatly appreciated. Please use the Comments link under this blog post, to provide us with feedback. Thank you!

Anatomy TV - until mid-March 2014
interactive resource providing detailed 3D models of Human Anatomy

Anatomy and Physiology Online - until mid-March 2014
20 comprehensive modules on the human body, with award-winning 3D anatomy images and interactive models; narrated animations and illustrations; dissection slides you can label; clinical case studies, etc 

State Papers Online: Eighteenth Century; 1714-1782 - until 18 March 2014
State Papers Online: Eighteenth Century, Part I: The Hanovers, 1714-1782: State Papers Domestic, Military and Naval and Registers of the Privy Council is vital to any understanding of the political, social and economic history of the period 

Caribbean Newspapers, Series 1,1718-1876 - until 24 March 2014
fully-searchable, primary source collection of over 140 newspapers from 22 Caribbean islands, which provides access to more than 150 years of Caribbean and Atlantic history, culture and daily life

Latin American Newspapers: Series 1 & 2, 1805-1922 - until 24 March 2014
access to more than 280 newspapers, published between 1805 and 1922, which cover the people, issues and events that shaped this region 

The Literary Encyclopedia - until 31 March 2014 
reference database of classical and modern literature, covering English, American, German and Russian literatures, as well as substantial coverage of other regions 

Gale Virtual Reference Library - until 31 March 2014
over 600 online reference titles across 18 subject areas, including Art, Biography, Business, Economics, Environment, History, Law, Medicine, Religion, Science, etc.

The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online - until 10 April 2014
new database which presents a complete reappraisal of this major Renaissance writer, extending the 2012 print edition of Jonson’s complete works, with a large range of textual and contextual materials

Britannica Academic Edition - until 31 May 2014 
Encyclopaedia Britannica is a trusted research resource which provides an excellent foundation for undergraduate study, in particular, offering detailed and well-referenced research articles

Britannica ImageQuest - until 31 May 2014
image library containing over 3 million high quality, right cleared images from over 50 providers including National Geographic, Getty Images, Natural History Museum, National Portrait Gallery, etc

Environment Digimap - until 31 July 2014 
new mapping collection which offers Land Cover Maps and data, the crucial information to help people understand the distribution of plants, rocks, animals and other coverings, across a wide area

Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive - until 31 December 2014
over 100,000 images - photographs, moving images, graphics, digital magazines, etc - of Social History, Youth Tribes and Youth Culture, covering more than 150 years


Anonymous said...

Great range of free trials - very useful being able to see what they cover. Thank you.

FunkyPlaid said...

Can't tell you how useful the later section of the State Papers is for my work. The Library has had Part 1 for some time, but Part 2 (which is currently available for trial) is absolutely packed with great material. I would sincerely love to see it as a permanent fixture in the St Andrews DB list. Thanks so much for the trial!

K. Lawson (School of History) said...

Really appreciate the Latin American and Caribbean newspaper collections (but wish they stretched further into the 20th century). I won't have to use them often but really valuable for an alternative perspective in teaching and and research.