11 March 2014

Manchester Medieval Sources Online - translations of key medieval texts

Medieval Sources Online provides translations of key first hand accounts central to medieval studies courses - many translated into English for the first time.   

They bring alive the reality of life in the medieval world and focus on the diverse cultural, social and political conditions that affected how all levels of medieval society worked.

This e-book series, which is published by Manchester University Press and co-edited by Professor Simon Maclean of the School of History, provides extensive introductory and explanatory material which assists the interpretation of these sources.

The 26 e-books in the new platform include:

The world of El Cid: chronicles of the Spanish reconquestOttonian Germany: The chronicon of Thietmar of MerseburgThe lives of Thomas Becket • The English manor c.1200-c.1500 • Popular protest in late-medieval Europe: Italy, France and Flanders • Joan of Arc: La pucelle • Saints and cities in medieval Italy • Eleventh-century Germany: The Swabian Chronicles • History and politics in late Carolingian and Ottonian Europe: The Chronicle of Regino of PrĂ¼m and Adalbert of Magdeburg • Crime, law and society in the later Middle Ages • Monasticism in late-medieval England, c.1300-1535 • Friars’ tales: Sermon Exempla from the British Isles • The Papal reform of the eleventh century: Lives of Pope Leo IX and Pope Gregory VII

NB: all titles are listed individually in SAULCAT

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