26 March 2014

Palgrave Connect e-books - downloadable to mobile reading devices

We now have 12 months trial access to nearly 4,500 new Palgrave Connect e-books published between 2011-2014, as reported in the previous blog post.

Innovative new features in Palgrave Connect include:
  • a Mobile Download button to save an EPUB file to your computer, for transfer to an e-book reader.  Selected e-books can be transferred in this way - all e-books from 2011 onward are included.
  • a Send to Kindle icon for sending a PDF of an e-book or chapter directly to your Kindle
Examples of EPUB-compatible devices include:

Android devices (using FBReader, Aldiko)
Barnes & Noble Nook
iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (using Lexcycle Stanza, Glider or iBooks on iOS 3.2+)
Kobo eReader
Linux tablets and PDAs such as Sharp Zaurus and Nokia 770, n800, n810, and n900
Sony Reader, etc

Once you have downloaded a Palgrave Connect e-book to your computer or mobile reading device, it will be available to you indefinitely.

For copyright protection purposes, the P-C license agreement specifies that you can copy, paste and print up to one chapter at a time.  However, all Palgrave Connect titles can be freely sent to e-book readers etc. 

For pre-2012 titles, you can only download the whole book.  For 2013 and 2014 titles, you can save individual chapters.

These two download options allow you to personalise your use of these e-books on mobile reading devices - you can resize the pages, set text size, search within the book, highlight text, add bookmarks, etc.,

Please note:  there are known issues with using Adobe Reader 9.3 and Firefox 3.6 to browse Palgrave Connect e-books - Adobe Reader 8 is recommended, as is downloading e-book content in order to avoid these issues

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