1 April 2014

Digital 3D content - infokit from JISC Digital Media

Jisc Digital Media has launched an updated infokit on digital 3D content, which covers a number of 3D topics, from the perspective of those within education eg:
Image by Geierunited
A head modelled from primitive polygonal shapes
Falling costs and simplified workflows means using 3D content is now a realistic option, even for non-specialists.  The infokit is intended to prompt projects and individuals to consider a number of important issues before beginning, so that ‘lessons learned’ from previous projects can be incorporated. 

Any questions about the infokit or about working with 3D content? - you're welcome to consult the Jisc Digital Media Helpdesk, free for those within UK Higher Education. 

JISC Digital Media's mission is to support the UK's education sector in achieving greater digitisation and use of digital media resources (still images, moving images and sound resources) for teaching, learning and research. They provide information, advice, guidance and training.

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