29 April 2014

Knowledge Unlatched - first 22 scholarly open access e-books available

The first 22 open-access e-books from the Knowledge Unlatched pilot initiative have now been added to SAULCAT, and 6 more titles will be added shortly.

Knowledge Unlatched is a collaborative, crowd-funded, model pilot which aims to create a sustainable path to open access for scholarly books in the arts and humanities

The Library was very quick to recognise the potential of this pilot, and signed up as an early participant. Nearly 300 international libraries have now signed up.

28 new Humanities and Social Sciences books from scholarly publishers are included in the pilot.  These titles include:
Knowledge Unlatched works by many libraries around the world sharing a single Title Fee payment to publishers (which represents the basic cost of publishing a book), in return for a book being made available on a Creative Common licence via the OAPEN and HathiTrust open access e-book platforms, as a downloadable PDF (FAQ)

Since a large number of libraries participated in this initiative, the per-library cost of ‘unlatching’ each title declined to less than $50.

Next Steps
Later in 2014 Knowledge Unlatched will move into its next stage: scaling-up, involving a larger number of publishers and libraries, and providing libraries with a wider range of selection options

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