30 April 2014

New e-Resource - Arts: Search (full-text art, architecture and design journals)

Arts:Search is a 'major new journals-based resource for searching the history of 19th and 20th Century Art, Architecture and Design', recently subscribed to by the Library.

It consists of three cross-searchable databases:   

ReVIEW - provides digitised, searchable full text of many of the most important decorative and fine arts journals published in Europe and the USA, between the 1870's and the early 1920's. 

A new Quick Search feature will be available in the next few days. 

When complete, ReVIEW will be an invaluable resource for research into the history of the Aesthetic movement, Art Nouveau, the Arts and Crafts movement, the origins of Modernism, the early days of the Bauhaus, the flowering of the poster, the art of World War One, the genesis of Art Deco, the influence of Japan, the major international exhibitions, and the architects, artists and designers active during these years. 

Arts + Architecture Profiles (ARP) - ongoing; includes profiles of over 30,000 artists, architects, designer, architect, craftsperson, studios, workshops, etc., whose work is discussed or illustrated in the journals and yearbooks covered by Design Abstracts Retrospective.

Design Abstracts Retrospective (DAR) - ongoing; indexes and provides abstracts for many of the most important decorative, applied arts and design journals published between 1900-1986. When complete it will cover over 70 titles.

Off-campus access - details will be available soon.

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