7 April 2014

New - Palgrave Pivot e-books - publish within 12 weeks

  "As scholarly publishing evolves in the digital world, Palgrave Pivot allows us to deliver quality new research rapidly. Palgrave Pivot is a market-changing initiative for the Humanities and Social Sciences and presents our communities with an alternative publishing model"
Titles from Palgrave's innovative new publishing format, Palgrave Pivot, offer authors the flexibility of publishing at lengths between the journal article and the conventional scholarly monograph (typically 25-50,000 words).

Palgrave Pivot emphasizes speed of delivery as well as innovation. Titles are published within 12 weeks of acceptance, after a full peer-review process.  

Pivot titles are included in the 2013 and 2014 Palgrave Connect e-book collections that we have access to.
You can view a list of the currently available Palgrave Pivot titles here. 

Palgrave is currently accepting proposals for works that are:
  • focused on new and important research
  • at lengths between a typical journal article and a scholarly monograph, in the region of 25-30 thousand words
  • authored or edited collections
“It is great to hear that Palgrave Pivot will be publishing a short form of monograph books. The typical scholarly article can be too short to get a comprehensive understanding of the research, and books tend not to be the right format for all specific and idiosyncratic pieces of research. This new format is innovative"
Prof Cary L. Cooper, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health, Lancaster University

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