31 May 2014

Alexander Street Press video databases - new enhancements

Our video databases from Alexander Street Press are being upgraded and enhanced, for an improved search experience.

Asian Film Online and Opera in Video have been upgraded, and Ethnographic Video Online will be, very soon.

The following enhancements are now in place:
  • powerful browsing capabilities - browse content with “smart facets” that change as you search, allowing you quickly to find exactly what you’re looking for 
  • a new video player and toolbar that lets you bookmark your place in a video, and choose between multiple layouts
  • bit-rate streaming that automatically adjusts to the highest quality file your bandwidth can support
  • a waveform view on the audio player pages that lets you view the music being played and create, annotate, and share audio clips
  • subject- and genre-based pages with editorially-curated playlists
  • the ability to translate every page, transcript, etc  into many languages using Google Translate
  • tools for exporting citations in MLA, Chicago, and APA formats
Future enhancements include:
  • a dedicated smartphone app, in addition to the 'send to mobile' tool, already available
  • searchable, scrolling transcripts alongside most music video content

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