30 June 2014

New e-Resource - 330 History e-books from Books at JSTOR

[Image from Princeton Univ Press]
330 History e-books from the Books at JSTOR History Collections have been purchased as unlimited access, permanent-access titles.

Books at JSTOR offers History e-books from such publishers as Yale University Press, Boydell & Brewer, University of Pennsylvania Press, etc.  This 2013-2014 collection features 330 titles, covering a
broad range of topics and time periods

Title List 

Books are cross-searchable with other JSTOR content - journal articles and primary sources - on the JSTOR platform.
  • Books at JSTOR offer unlimited concurrent use and unlimited chapter downloading and printing 
  •  you can can view chapters online or download chapter PDFs that never expire
  • stable URLs are provided for each book and book chapter; since this will never change, you can use them for bookmarking chapters, etc or adding a title to a course or online reading list
  • e-books links to book reviews; book reviews in journals also link directly to the e-books
  • books are preserved in Portico, a digital preservation service subscribed to by the Library
  • You can set up a free MyJSTOR account in order to:
         save, email, or export citations
         save and run searches

         receive email alerts for saved searches and tracked journals, etc
The 330 individual e-books will be listed in SAULCAT and findable in SEEKER, very soon.

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