5 June 2014

New e-Resource - BibleWorks

BibleWorks 9 is 'the premier Bible software program for close Biblical exegesis and research', and comes with Greek, Hebrew, and Septuagint Bibles, as well as translations in English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc.

It contains over 200 Bible translations in 40 languages, more than 40 original language texts and morphology databases, dozens of lexical-grammatical references, and many practical reference works.  

You will find BibleWorks indispensable for doing complex morphological analyses, writing research papers, etc.


... from the networked PC clusters in the Main Library and in St Mary’s Library. It will be accessible from other locations, shortly.

  • after logging in, select ‘All Programs’ from the Start menu 
  • choose the Divinity tab, then the link to BibleWorks
NB: the first time you log in, BibleWorks will take a short time to start up; this will happen for the initial login only.

Please note: up to 5 users can access, at one time

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