4 June 2014

New e-Resource - The Vogue Archive

We now have full access to
The Vogue Archive - the complete archive of American Vogue - thanks to a new national agreement arranged by Jisc for UK Higher Education. 

The content of Vogue is of central importance to research in history and culture - to subjects such as:
Textiles and dress; Fashion history; Popular culture; Gender studies; Photography and graphic design; Marketing and advertising, etc. 

but it also provides a rich source for other areas of modern culture, changing social tastes, mores and aspirations.
  • access is from the first issue in 1892, to the current month
    Vogue Dec 1892
    © Conde Nast
  • every page and advertisement is fully searchable, allowing you to find images by clothing type, designer, brand names, etc - all reproduced in high-resolution colour (from the 1930's/1940's onward)
  • you can view every page in full, including original advertisments, photographs, articles and illustrations, for context and understanding
  • as well as preserving the work of the world's greatest fashion designers, stylists and photographers, Vogue forms a unique record of changes in American and international fashion, culture and society, from the dawn of modern times to the present day
  • it includes access to the current month’s issue - a fascinating way to compare past and present

It also includes literary works and articles by important writers, wartime photojournalism, features on popular cultural figures of the day, and on prominent American women.

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