30 July 2014

Journal Citation Reports (Science and Social Science) - 2013 data now available

The 2013 Journal Citation Reports (Science and Social Sciences) which provides data for 2012, is now available. This information is valuable for assessing the quality of research in UK H.E. institutions.
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Journal Citation Reports (JCR) is a unique research tool which provides a systematic, objective means of evaluating and comparing the world's leading journals. The results are published every year, and cover back to 2005. 

By compiling cited references from articles, JCR helps to: 
  • measure research influence and impact at journal and category levels
  • identify the most appropriate, influential journals in which to publish
  • better understand a journal's impact over time 
JCR includes over 12,000 scholarly and technical journals from over 3,300 international publishers, in science, technology, and social sciences.
Other metrics are provided, too, such as:

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