21 July 2014

New e-Resource - Keesings World News Archive

A subscription to Keesing's World News Archive (formerly Keesing's Contemporary Archives) has just begun.

It contains over 100,000 objective, full-text reports on the world's most historically significant political, social, and economic events, since 1931. Over 1,000 worldwide news reports are collected daily and summaries published every month. 

Keesing's includes coverage of:

  • elections and changes of government
  • wars, treatises, and diplomacy 
  • terrorism and issues of internal security 
  • legislation, budgets, economic developments, and international agreements 
  • primary source material eg. speeches and resolutions of international organizations  
  • natural disasters, environmental issues, and scientific discoveries
  •  social issues such as immigration and asylum

  • Breaking History’ articles highlight major stories worldwide. Coupled with corresponding timelines, these articles highlight connections between current events and modern history.

    Keesing's detailed Guide to conducting searches

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