8 July 2014

New e-Resource - Los Angeles Times (1881-1990)

Newly available - permanent access to the Los Angeles Times (1881-1990).

This historical newspaper provides the full text of every page, article and issue published since the first issue in 1881.  It provides not only news articles, but also photos, advertisements, marriage announcements, obituaries, and more.

The Los Angeles Times provides a unique perspective of the development of Southern California and the American West, with excellent coverage of immigration, entertainment, and environmental issues.

It covers politics, society and events of the time, such as:
  • railways connect East and West for the first time
  • oil is discovered in Los Angeles
  • immigrants come ashore from Japan and China
  • aviation and movie-making take flight
  • Los Angeles hosts the Olympic Games
  • shipbuilding and citrus growing become major industries
  • local companies give birth to the Hula Hoop and Barbie
- the Los Angeles Times records it all.

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