28 July 2014

New e-Resource - North China Herald 1842-1943

The North China Herald Online (1842-1943) is the Library's latest news archive subscription to become active.

This fully text-searchable English-language newspaper is the major source for the history of the foreign presence in China, from around 1850 to 1940s.  It was published weekly in Shanghai, a city at the forefront of developments in Chinese politics, culture, education and the economy, and at the heart of China’s encounter with the Euro-American world. 

During this so-called ‘treaty century’ (1842-1943) the Western Powers established a strong presence in China through their protected enclaves in major cities. As the official journal for British consular notifications, and announcements of the Shanghai Municipal Council, the North China Herald is a major primary resource for a period which continues to shape much of China’s world and world view.

Correspondents across China supplied constant news on a wide range of topics - news and gossip reflecting the social, cultural and political life of China and the foreign settlements; trade statistics; stock prices; company reports; maps; photographs; advertisements; export tables; birth, marriage, and death announcements, etc. 

*For information – this is a companion product to the Japan Chronicle Online which has just been launched - more information coming soon!*

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have access to Japan Chronicle and North China Herald at St Andrews!