11 August 2014

New e-Resource - Japan Chronicle Online

Another welcome addition to the Library's range of international newspaper archives is the recently launched Japan Chronicle Online.

The Japan Chronicle Weekly (1902–1940) provides a unique contemporary account of the historical development of East Asia, and of Japan’s emergence onto the world stage.  This took place against a background of war, of political and social upheaval and major social changes in East Asia.

The Chronicle was based in Kobe, a port city that saw enormous expansion during the Chronicle’s lifetime. It provides an important perspective on Japan's engagement with modernity as well as giving invaluable information on the settler communities in Japan and East Asia.

Historians of East Asia have long seen the Japan Chronicle as a uniquely valuable resource. This 'well-informed, controversial but always readable' source of news and opinion on Japan and East Asia offers an intriguing complement to the North China Herald to which the Library has also recently subscribed.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful to have access to Japan Chronicle and North China Herald at St Andrews!