18 August 2014

New e-Resource - JISC JournalArchives (over 600 e-journals)

Over 600 e-journals in the JISC JournalArchives are now visible in SAULCAT and the E-Journals list on the Library web pages.

JISC JournalArchives contains e-journal archives from different publishers, and covers many subjects including arts and humanities, engineering, law, science and social science.

It provides powerful 'conceptual' searching which retrieves items with similar conceptual meanings, and can identify previously unavailable links between documents.

Details of the individual publisher archives are below:
Although we have pre-existing access to many of these titles through the publisher interface, JISC JournalArchives includes some titles new to us, provides an alternative access route, and can be usefully cross-searched 

JISC JournalArchives forms part of the Jisc eCollections service which includes Historical Texts and Jisc MediaHub.

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