6 August 2014

New e-Resource - The Online Complete Prose of T S Eliot

Our subscription to The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot has begun.  This is the newly-launched, first scholarly edition of the collected, uncollected, and unpublished prose of one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century.

Eliot wrote extensively on poetry, fiction, drama, literary criticism, religion, humanism, philosophy, politics, and other topics.

This planned 8-volume critical edition provides access to material that has been restricted or held in private and institutional collections for almost fifty years.

The first two volumes, Apprentice Years, 1905-1918 and The Perfect Critic, 1919-1926, have just been published, with subsequent volumes scheduled for release in successive years. 

Volume 1, Apprentice Years, 1905-1918 contains all Eliot's surviving prose from student years at Smith College, Harvard and Oxford, and from his first three years as a literary journalist. The contents trace his intellectual development from broad interests in language and literature to an informed synthesis of literature and philosophy in literary criticism. 

Volume 2, The Perfect Critic, 1919-1926, documents Eliot's rise to international prominence as an authoritative critical voice in twentieth-century letters, avant-garde poet, and editor of a successful London journal.  It contains many essays and reviews, most of which were never republished or collected.

Other highlights include unsigned, unidentified essays, unpublished essays, lectures, addresses from various archives, transcripts of broadcasts, speeches, endorsements, and memorial tributes.

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