24 September 2014

Historical Texts database - exciting new enhancements added

Exciting new features have just been added to the Historical Texts database, with more scheduled over the next few weeks – see below. 

Alternative Spelling options  
  •      Variant Spelling - lists all the variant spelling the database will search for eg murdir, murdre
  •       Variant Forms: if Variant Spelling is selected, this can also be used to retrieve additional forms of the word eg murdered, murdred
  •      Misspellings - usually where line breaks have been encoded into the text eg mur+der, mur+dre
  •      Printer Replacements - where printers have used other characters to replace letters eg mvrder, mvrdre
Reset Button - clears all your search options for a new search 

Filter Results - allows quick limiting of search results by Author, Collection, Date, Genre, Subject, Text type and Printer/Publisher 

New Sort Options - by Author, Title and Date. The default sort option is Relevance 

Improved Browsing - to quickly identify the Author or Publisher you want 

Grid Display - an optional way to review your results instead of the list display 

New Shorter URL for each item - via the share button in the Viewer. Clicking on the url links directly to the book 

Hit highlighting - retrieved items are now highlighted in the Viewer (in both the search results and text) 

Open Multiple Items - selected results can now be opened all at once, in multiple browser windows, with a new Open all button 

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