16 October 2014

New e-Resource - Frankfurt and Leipzig Book-Fair Catalogues (OLMS Online)

We now have perpetual access to the Frankfurt and Leipzig Book-fair Catalogues, through the OLMS Online platform. 

Book-trade catalogues, generally referred to as book fair catalogues, offer a unique overview of German and European book production over a period of nearly 300 years (1594-1860).   

This digital version of the microfilmed catalogues of the Frankfurt and Leipzig book fairs, represents an almost complete run.  The book fair catalogues for the Spring/Easter and Autumn/Michaelmas Fairs provide a comprehensive overview of the books on offer during this period. There were only a few years during the Thirty Years’ War when no catalogues are known to have appeared.  

As well as being an important historical bibliography relevant to research in early modern and 19th century history, the history of science and medicine, etc., this resource is also a unique primary source for the intellectual development of continental Europe, and its history of scholarship, literature and publishing.

The following fair catalogues are included:

  • Catalogus universalis, hoc est designatio omnium librorum, qui hisce nundinis … Francofurtensibus & Lipsiensibus anno [1594-1691]
  • Catalogus universalis, sive designatio omnium librorum, qui hisce nundinis … Francofurtensibus & Lipsiensibus anni [1692-1711]
  • Catalogus universalis sive designatio eorum librorum, qui hisce nundinis vernalibus Francofurtensibus et Lipsiensibus anni [1712-1732]
  • Catalogus universalis, oder Verzeichniß derer Bücher, welche in der Frankfurter und Leipziger Michael-Messe entweder ganz neu gedruckt oder sonsten verbessert wieder aufgeleget worden sind  [1733-1759]
  • Allgemeines Verzeichnis der Bücher, welche von Ostern bis Michaelis von Michaelis bis Ostern neu gedruckt oder aufgelegt worden sind [1760-1850]
  • Messkatalog [1850-1854]
  • Bibliographisches Jahrbuch für den deutschen Buch-, Kunst- und Landkarten-Handel [1854-1860]
NB: Individual pages or sections from the catalogues can be downloaded as pdfs.

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