7 October 2014

New e-Resource - Oxford Handbooks Online: Philosophy

We're delighted to now have perpetual access to Oxford Handbooks Online: Philosophy (Foundation; 2012-2013 collections).

The Oxford Handbook reference e-book series is regarded as 'the world's most trusted source for scholarly research reviews'.    

Over 50 volumes contain 1,530 review essays by leading scholars.  These essays combine original scholarship with authoritative introductions to their topic, reveal original arguments and concepts, explore major debates and set the agenda for new research. 

All 50 Oxford Handbook: Philosophy titles are now listed individually in SAULCAT and are also findable in SEEKER, the Library's single-search service. 

Detailed FAQ for Oxford Handbooks Online.

Online tutorial for Oxford Handbooks Online.

Off-campus access: login using your University account 

'The Handbooks series ...will continue to be an excellent resource for those who want opinionated and state-of-the-art characterizations of philosophical debates by the leading philosophers of the day' (Prof A Goldberg)

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