27 October 2014

Trial e-Resource - Archaeopress (300+ full-text titles)

We are delighted to have a trial of the Archaeopress subscription service, until Friday 21 Nov 2014. Archaeopress are publishers of scholarly archaeology titles. 

Archaeopress provides access to all new Archaeopress Archaeology (AA) publications, the existing backlist and a wide range of selected digital-only British Archaeological Reports (BAR) titles.

There are currently over 300 full-text e-titles in the archive, and 10-15 new titles are added every month. At least 450 e-titles will be available by the end of 2014.  New Open Access content will also be included.

Titles include:
  • Early Burial Customs in Northern Egypt Evidence from the Pre-, Proto-, and Early Dynastic Periods
  • Embodying Value? The Transformation of Objects in and from the Ancient World
  • The Prehistoric Burial Sites of Northern Ireland
  • Ships, Saints and Sealore: Cultural Heritage and Ethnography of the Mediterranean and the Red Sea
  • Social Dimensions of Medieval Disease and Disability
 On- and off-campus access:
  • contact us for a Trial Username and Password (University of St Andrews staff and students only)
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