22 October 2014

Trial e-Resource - Art and Architecture Archive

We are delighted to publicise a trial of the Art and Architecture Archive database, until 21 November 2014.

Art and Architecture Archive is a key primary source research archive, consisting of full-text art and architecture magazines from the late-19th to 21st Centuries.  The content covers: 

Art, Architecture, Architectural History, Art History, Art Trade, Construction, Cultural History, Decorative Arts, Economic History, Fine and Applied Art, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Landscape Gardening, Photography, Product Design, Social History, Studio Art and Visual Art

It also offers advertisements, architectural plans, awards, exhibition listings, interviews, high-quality images, photographs and illustrations from titles such as Apollo, Art Monthly, Print, Architectural Review, and Graphis, news items, statistics, and reviews.

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