17 November 2014

Trial e-Resource - RefWorks Flow

Our RefWorks Flow trial is now active, until 5 December.  Just sign in with your e-mail and follow the steps.

RefWorks Flow is an exciting new way to collect and manage research papers, search materials and references - read, annotate, organise, and cite your research,  RefWorks Flow will run side-by-side with RefWorks. Check out the RefWorks Flow Lib Guide.

Using Flow, you can:
  • save full-text documents or citations to Flow with a single click!

    One click imports all your existing references (and annotations)
    One click drags full-text articles into Flow - and enters the reference metadata for you
  • manage research documents and related metadata in a centrally managed cloud - no need to install or update software
  • collaborate and share references and documents, and jointly annotate shared full-text 
  • store and organize full-text PDFs and other file formats, complete with document recognition of citation metadata
  • upload bulk reference collections from other programs such as Mendeley, EndNote, RefWorks, etc
  • use 'RefWorks Direct Export' from our partnered search platforms
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 From simple bibliographies to papers formatted with in-text citations or footnotes, Flow handles it all

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