30 January 2015

New e-Resources - 464 new Palgrave e-books

464 new full-text e-books from the 2015 Palgrave Connect Collection are now available. These are listed via the links below, and will appear in SAULCAT, very soon:

New titles will be added weekly, until September 2015, when the 2015 Collections will be complete. 

We already have access to all Palgrave Connect e-books published between 2011-2014, through a trial access agreement brokered by the SHEDL (Scottish Higher Education Digital Library) collaborative purchasing consortium.

At the end of the trial, usage statistics will be used to identify the most heavily-used titles for permanent-access purchase.  This Evidence Based Selection model is an economical way of acquiring titles in greatest demand for a low upfront cost.

St Andrews will have permanent access to all the other e-books bought by other SHEDL libraries, after the end of the trial

29 January 2015

Knowledge Unlatched (Open Access e-books) - 12,763 downloads in 6 months

12,763 downloads of Knowledge Unlatched Open Access e-books from 138 countries;
over 6 months

A full report on the Knowledge Unlatched pilot project has recently been published in the Cultural Science Journal.  

This report - Knowledge Unlatched: A Global Library Consortium Model for Funding Open Access Scholarly Books' - details the genesis and development of the pilot, as well as providing data on use of the Pilot Collection during its first six months online.

Knowledge Unlatched is a collaborative, crowd-funded, model pilot which aims to enable Open Access for scholarly books in the arts and humanities. 

Many libraries around the world share a single Title Fee payment to publishers (the cost of publishing a book), in return for a book being made available ('unlatched') via Open Access e-book platforms, such as OAPEN and HathiTrust.

Over 300 international libraries have now signed up.  The Library signed up as an early participant.
28 new Humanities and Social Sciences books from important scholarly publishers are included in the pilot, and are listed in SAULCAT.

Over the six months, there were 12,763 downloads from 138 countries - demonstrating the global demand for creative new approaches to supporting Open Access for scholarly e-books.

22 January 2015

New e-Resource - complete Taylor and Francis Library (over 2,000 e-journals)

You now have access to ALL the Taylor and Francis journals for the current year, and back to 1997, where available

The Library has upgraded to the complete Taylor & Francis Library of e-journals due to identified user need (shown by the large number of 'turnaways' that we were seeing from T&F e-journals not included in our previous subscription).

This means that you now have access to over 2,000 full-text e-journals from the two collections - SSH (Social Science and Humanities) and S&T (Science and Technology) - which make up the T&F Library.
The T&F Library contains e-journals from three of the world's leading publishers: Taylor & Francis, Routledge and Psychology Press, and covers Arts, Humanities, Education, Behavioural, Social, Physical and Environmental Sciences.

During 2015, we will also have access to the Taylor & Francis FRESH Journals Collection which offers an increasing number of new journals in emerging research areas.

NB: All these journals are listed individually in SAULCAT and also on the A-Z Journals list

21 January 2015

New e-Resource - Routledge History Online (41 reference e-books)

We are delighted to have free, unlimited access to the Routledge History Online database, until 16 January 2016.  

Routledge History Online is a unique collection of 41 History reference dictionaries and encyclopedias, which are all fully-searchable and cross-referenced.

They cover all aspects of History and related subjects such as Archaeology, Classical Studies, Geography, Religion, Social Sciences, etc.
All titles will be listed individually in SAULCAT very soon.

16 January 2015

New e-resource - Academic Search Complete (over 9,000 full-text e-journals)

We have now gained access to a new database - Academic Search Complete - for a trial year

Academic Search Complete is a valuable, scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database of more than 9,000 full-text e-journals, including over 7,850 peer-reviewed journals.

It also offers indexing and abstracts for more than 12,500 journals and a total of more than 13,200 publications including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, etc. 

Content includes:
  • 9,000 full-text journals, scholarly monographs, reports, etc (7,850 peer-reviewed)
  • over 13,780 indexed and abstracted journals  
  • PDF content, dating back as far as 1887  
  • searchable cited references for more than 1,400 journals
  • daily updates
  • many sources unique to this database
This scholarly journal collection offers unmatched coverage of nearly every academic research area, including: anthropology, area studies, astronomy, biology, chemistry, ethnic and multicultural studies, general science, geography, geology, mathematics, music, physics, psychology, religion and theology, zoology, etc.

15 January 2015

New e-resource - Full-text version of America: History and Life

We have recently upgraded to America: History and Life with Full Text, the full-text version of the America: History and Life database, for a trial year.

America: History and Life with Full Text is the definitive bibliographic reference tool for research into the history and culture of the United States and Canada, from pre-history to the present. It covers all key journals in the discipline, plus state and local history publications, and selected articles from other scholarly social sciences and humanities journals.

Content includes:
  • the full-text of nearly 290 journals and 100 books
  • selective indexing of over 1,800 journals, from 1954 to present
  • coverage of some titles back to the 19th and early 20th centuries
  • searchable cited references, for more than 460 key titles
  • citations and links to book and media reviews
  • English abstracts of articles published in more than 40 languages
  • the ability to limit searches chronologically

    Feedback - we're very interested in your comments about this resource - please leave feedback below

14 January 2015

Making of the Modern World - 61,000 items now listed in SAULCAT

The 61,000 primary source documents and books included in The Making of the Modern World Part I: The Goldsmiths’-Kress Collection, 1450-1850 database - a recent perpetual-access purchase - have now been listed individually in SAULCAT! 

The Making of the Modern World is the most comprehensive collection in existence for the study of the social, political, business and economic history of the western world, from the mid-15th to the mid-19th century. 

Drawn from two pre-eminent collections - The Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature at the University of London and The Kress Collection of Business and Economics at the Harvard Business School - this unrivalled online library fully documents the dynamics of Western trade and wealth that shaped the world during this time.

It offers many new ways of understanding the age of exploration and discovery; global trade; the Industrial Revolution and the development of modern capitalism; banking; finance; transportation and manufacturing; slavery; colonization; the Atlantic world; social history; gender, etc. 

In many ways, MMO Part I is an extension and expansion of Eighteenth Century Collections Online.

12 January 2015

Trial e-Resource - ANZ Newsstand (Australian and New Zealand newspapers)

We currently have a trial of the ANZ Newsstand database, which runs until 6 February 2015

Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Newsstand provides full-text access to 403 leading Australian and New Zealand newspapers.

As well as delivering key national newspaper titles from Fairfax and News Ltd, this database also includes many local and regional news sources.

It also offers unrivalled coverage of premium, regional and rural news services from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), and transcripts from the leading current affairs TV and Radio programmes.

This broad range of content allows users to track local, national, world, business, sport, political, technology and entertainment news from preferred news sources.

A growing two-year archive of articles allows research into major issues, their development over time, and how they have been reported in different newspapers.