22 January 2015

New e-Resource - complete Taylor and Francis Library (over 2,000 e-journals)

You now have access to ALL the Taylor and Francis journals for the current year, and back to 1997, where available

The Library has upgraded to the complete Taylor & Francis Library of e-journals due to identified user need (shown by the large number of 'turnaways' that we were seeing from T&F e-journals not included in our previous subscription).

This means that you now have access to over 2,000 full-text e-journals from the two collections - SSH (Social Science and Humanities) and S&T (Science and Technology) - which make up the T&F Library.
The T&F Library contains e-journals from three of the world's leading publishers: Taylor & Francis, Routledge and Psychology Press, and covers Arts, Humanities, Education, Behavioural, Social, Physical and Environmental Sciences.

During 2015, we will also have access to the Taylor & Francis FRESH Journals Collection which offers an increasing number of new journals in emerging research areas.

NB: All these journals are listed individually in SAULCAT and also on the A-Z Journals list

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